Respect. Respect for workers, for social laws and for the right to collective action. This is what the Ryanair staff demands as they are fighting against social dumping in their company.

Faced with the workers' determination, management threatened the strikers with sanctions.

And what is reaction of the government and the European Union? They are looking on passively. But the conflict in Ryanair certainly demonstrates that without trade unions and without the right to strike, workers do not have the tools to defend themselves against bosses who constantly want to drag down wages and working conditions.

It's time to demand respect. Against social dumping and for workers' right to strike.

Sign the protest message that we will send to Prime Minister Charles Michel, Labour Minister Kris Peeters and European Commissioner for Employment Marianne Thyssen.

Solidarity with Ryanair staff

Read: Ryanair sanctions the right to strike, workers fight back (in French)


Will you also sign?

Dear mister Prime Minister Charles Michel

Mister Labour Minister Kris Peeters

Madam European Commissioner for Employment Marianne Thyssen

For months, Ryanair staff have been fighting against social dumping in their company. Ryanair and its CEO, Michael O'Leary, are known to violate all social rights: refusal to pay out sick days or to respect social laws, unsustainable worh rhythm, threats of sanctioning strikers... They even make staff pay for the water they drink on the job. All to ensure billions in profits for Mr. O'Leary and shareholders.

Ryanair is known for its brutal exploitation model which has been condemned for a very long time. You have been talking about this for years, but nothing has changed. And when workers decide to defend themselves and are threatened, you hardly react. While the struggle of the Ryanair workers shows that it is the trade unions and their strike that are the real bulwarks against social dumping.

That's why I'm asking you:

1. to end the impunity of Ryanair, by taking measures against social dumping in the company;
2. respect for the right to strike and support for Ryanair workers.

With kind regards

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  • Jan Schulze-Husmann
    ondertekend 2018-08-15 21:01:31 +0200
  • Franco Marcato
    ondertekend 2018-08-11 09:30:41 +0200
  • Anita Pleumarom
    ondertekend 2018-08-11 03:02:06 +0200
  • Jacques Schram
    ondertekend 2018-08-10 14:15:54 +0200
  • Conny Vanoverschelde
    ondertekend 2018-08-10 13:19:15 +0200
  • Julien Chaput
    ondertekend 2018-08-10 11:25:30 +0200
  • Elizabeth Poston
    ondertekend 2018-08-10 10:56:49 +0200
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